Augment your Business Objectives with Purpose-Driven AI/ML Solutions

In today’s fast-evolving landscape, you cannot grow your business without purposeful technology. We provide your business with intelligent solutions that help you turn your ideas into scalable products, harnessing the power of data. 

At 4Seer, one of India’s top tech companies in artificial intelligence, we are not just technology experts but also growth hackers. We don’t just specialize in technology solutions but offer end-to-end digital transformation services to update your legacy systems with minimal downtime.

Our goal is to drive efficiency into your operations and reduce manual effort and the cost of human error. A higher degree of automation also leaves your employees free to use their creative faculties for innovation, while our AI/ML solutions take care of the repetitive tasks.

If you are looking to grow your business in the digital age, get in touch for a personalized consultation to know more about how we can help you. Our team will listen to you closely and help you analyze different areas of your business to identify the gaps that need attention.

Whether it is integrating various data streams, migrating operations to the Cloud, automating your customer service and lead generation processes, or upgrading legacy systems – we have a gamut of services available to help fast track your business growth and help you achieve your objectives. 

  • Artificial intelligence consulting and AI/ML-based solutions 
  • Robotic process automation
  • Data integration and real-time analysis
  • Cloud-based services
  • Business analytics consulting 

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Frequently Asked Questions

AI consulting helps with designing an ecosystem of orchestrated, automated processes that encompass tasks right from requirements to delivery, internal capacity building and project management, assisting with the absorption of AI-based tools, and more.

Data science is only a branch of the scope of work of AI companies.

AI companies utilize the power of artificial intelligence to perform high-stake, key tasks for their clients, such as:

  • ➢ Informing complex decisions with insightful data
  • ➢ Resource allocation and corporate strategies
  • ➢ Human resource management
  • ➢ Improving internal processes and efficiency of operation

The onset of the digital revolution has brought about a tidal wave of unstructured data.

Organizations are under pressure to deliver better quality products, services, and experiences to their consumers, which requires intelligent decision-making while reducing turnaround times. Artificial Intelligence helps businesses meet these objectives.

Artificial Intelligence is merely a tool to achieve an end. There will always be involvement of a human at some point in the AI circuits designed for organizations because the level of critical thinking required to run a company can’t be delivered purely by AI-based ecosystems.

However, AI has immense assistive potential through delivering accuracy and efficiency in processes and computing capabilities, which makes it extremely useful.

RPA is the acronym for Robotic Process Automation. Every business consists of repetitive, mundane tasks that do not require critical thinking.

To free human resources from such tasks, robotic process automation is deployed through software with the help of machine learning manufacturing companies that works according to prescribed protocols and autonomously handles such tasks.

The top machine learning companies recommend RPA because of the following benefits:

  • ➢ RPA incorporates accuracy, reliability, and consistency into processes
  • ➢ RPA generates data for analytics and reporting
  • ➢ RPA assists with scaling up business operations
  • ➢ RPA helps improve overall efficiencies of operations

Top machine learning analytics companies implement RPA in five simple steps:

  • ➢ Assessing the feasibility of RPA for a firm
  • ➢ Identifying unstructured and repetitive processes
  • ➢ Conducting application development based on user stories and workflows generated
  • ➢ Testing the RPA modules for workability and lucrativeness
  • ➢ Confirming and deploying the technology

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that helps companies process and analyze huge amounts of extremely complex and unstructured data.

The insights that this process generates are invaluable and help organizations make better decisions, formulate better strategies, and ultimately grow.

Machine learning is capable of predictive and prescriptive analyses by thoroughly analyzing the data that is fed to it. ML engines learn with each iteration, providing insights that are more accurate and resonate with real-world market conditions more directly. This delivers an edge to the businesses that use it.

The industries that most predominantly deploy machine learning solutions are:

  • ➢ Legal industry
  • ➢ Healthcare industry
  • ➢ Agriculture industry
  • ➢ Transportation industry
  • ➢ Finance and financial services industry

Machine learning development companies create solutions in these industries directly impact the quality of service to consumers, which is why their use is so prevalent.

Data warehouse companies provide businesses with warehouse-like storage for data along with extended functionalities. These companies facilitate business intelligence activities through an inbuilt data management system housed in their warehouses.

The only purpose of top data warehouse companies is to help businesses with querying and analyzing their data.

Today, data is power. The growth of a business depends on how quickly it is able to gather, process, and access its data-based insights.

To that end, data warehouse companies facilitate data management and recall for businesses. A company needs data warehouses to make its data digestible, useful, and handy.

Data warehouse architecture is like a blueprint for a company’s data collection, processing, and storage wireframe.

Analytics companies assist businesses with migrating their data into warehouses, making it easier for them to understand the layout of their data and locate it efficiently.

Big Data companies provide three types of data warehouses:

  • ➢ Enterprise data warehouses
  • ➢ Operational data stores
  • ➢ Data marts

The three distinct types of warehouses cater to varying data needs of a business. Your data consulting firm should be able to guide you on which one to choose for your organization.

A reliable data warehouse can cost you upwards of $200. The price will depend on the plans and packages that the top data warehouse companies have on offer.

Regardless, there are always budget-friendly and flexible plans available.