Study Abroad in USA

Study Abroad in USA

Study Abroad in USA – Considered as one of the best countries to study abroad for Indian students, the USA provides a multitude of programs that aim at the holistic development of the students. If we talk about the benefits of studying in the USA, it might take an entire day! Advanced technologies, the latest study trends, excellent pedagogy techniques and incomparable work-study culture are some highlights of studying the country.

Further, flexible class duration, the opportunity to learn from experts, and diverse career options drive many Indian students to apply to US universities. Some students try to get admission to a US university just after completing their 12th, whereas, many look for a master’s program in the USA to pump up their skills.

Top Universities in USA

Considering the importance of US universities among millennials, we have curated a list of institutes that provide an excellent education to students:

University  Location 
Stanford University Stanford, California
Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts
California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California
University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois
Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey
Cornell University Ithaca, New York
Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
Columbia University Manhattan, New York


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